Good Guy

I am a good guy I will not change my values or morals To get what I want I will always do the right thing Even if I get hurt I will not standby And do nothing If someone Is being hurt or harassed I am always available If someone needs help Even if We are not friends I have made Mistakes And have learned from them I don’t want …

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The Best gift

I had given up Accepted my fate Of being alone And then You came walking Into my life And melted My ice cold heart Out of nowhere I was content On living Without love Cause the pain Of not being Able to love Was easier Then loving someone Who I could not Be with You have given me The best gift That I needed And that was When You came …

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Meeting An Angel

When we metMy first thoughtWas this heavenBecauseOf the beautyThat illuminatedInside and outsideFrom the angelIn front ofMy tiredEyes and soulYou took meUnder your wingsAndWith yourHeart of goldHelpedThis lost soulWho was goingThur hellWithNo whereTo turnTo get helpSeeThatI couldTrustAndLoveAgain

My Darling

My DarlingLoving you from afarIs more thanMy heart can takeWhat am I to doMy DarlingKnowing thatYou feel the sameKnowingYou are scaredTo take thatLeap of faithWith usMy DarlingMy DarlingIt destroys meThat our loveIs beingLeft on the tableMy DarlingI am here for youEven if it hurts to beMy DarlingI love youAnd thatWill never changeMy DarlingMy love for youWill always be

War Brewing

Demons attackingSkeletons from the pastReturning to haunt the presentDarkness taking over the soulA peaceful manPushed to a warThat he does not wantBut will participate inFor the woman he lovesIt’s himAnd only himTo protect herEven from herselfWhen she saysI can take care of myselfI am okI am not in dangerBut he knows the truthThatThe woman he lovesWill not admitShe’s in dangerAndHe isThe only oneTo save her


Trials and tribulationsMemories come back as revelationsLost causes redeemedAngels given back their wingsDarkness has leftWith the swiftShining of the lightThat is more brightThen it ever has beenAnd i have never seenThis clearIn a long time

With My Love

When I met youI never imaginedHow importantYou wouldBecome to meWe became friendsWhen I did not know howTo be a friendYou showed meWhat it meansTo beAnd how toBe a friendThrough theGood timesAnd the bad timesYour heart of goldHas alwaysTaken care of meEven whenI would run awayAnd feltI did not deserveThat help from youYou would give me spaceAnd would be thereFor meWhen I WasReady to open upThere is many thingsThat you showed …

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